Phuket nanny maid services

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We place live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time or on call around Phuket.


Our babysitters supervise and care in the absence of regular caregiver, bath, dress and feed infants and children. They will also prepare formula, change diapers and play games. You can have peace of mind while enjoying Phuket. All our babysitters have at least 2 years experience with holiday makers and have a good level of English.


A nanny focuses on your children and performs light, child-related household chores, such as the children’s laundry, cooking for the children and tidying up the kitchen and children’s room. If you need more housekeeping along your with child care please see maid or maid-nanny.


Maid’s duties consist of everyday maintenance and care for your home. Depending on the size of the household, maids work are daily housekeeping chores around the home which includes vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning toilets, sink and showers, making beds, doing laundry, sheets, towels, dusting and keeping all rooms presentable. Some maids prepare and cook meals.


Nanny-maids, they do both nanny/childcare and light housekeeping. This position is excellent for example with an at-home mom, when the nanny or maid responsibilities aren’t so heavy or children who attend school, the care-givers can use that time to focus on the house.

Pet Care Sitter

More and more families want their pets to be in the comfort of their own home when they are at work or on vacation. We have pet sitters, dog walkers who will be happy to take care of your furry ones at reasonable price.


Cooks do the shopping needed to plan menus and prepare meals in private homes, according to recipes or taste of their employer. Cooks also clean the kitchen and sometimes serve meals.

Villa Manager

This is perfect for a family that owns a villa as a second house in Phuket but doesn’t live here. We will go twice a week to inspect your house, make sure everything is in order, and call the right person to fix or change broken appliances. We will also make report to keep you inform on what is happening with your estate by email or telephone. We can also include a half (4 hours) or full (8 hours) daily cleaning service.

Other Services

Other Services Fee
Health check up 3,500 baht
Criminal check 1,900 baht